Joomla Easy Paypal


Easy Paypal Module  v.1.0.2

Mambo&Joomla module which allows users to incorporate Paypal in to their sites the simplest possible way.

Attachment Explorer  v.1.00

Attachment Explorer is an easy to use tool that you can use to easily navigate all you Outlook folders for attachment. Seamless integrated with Outlook with advanced features such as folder filtering,


Report Genie  v.1 2

Report Genie, v1.2,is a FREE user-friendly reporting tool that I have created to help businesses generate Excel reports based on SQL queries. It is developed based on Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 using and Excel libraries.

Joomla Chat Extension  v.3.2

It can add a live chat room to Joomla CMS, multiple skins, customizable, easy to install, users single sign-on and free hosted. The best part is that once the module is successfully installed, a free hosted chat room will be assigned to your Joomla.

Joomla Hotel Booking Componet  v.1.0

Joomla HBS (Joomla Hotel Booking System) was designed to simplify the task of online booking in Joomla Content Management Website. It provides users a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today.

JoomSolo Joomla Standalone Server 2.10a  v.1.0

JoomSolo is an application for developers that work with Joomla!

1-2-3 PayPal Website Payments  v.3.0.1

The 1-2-3 PayPal Website Payments Wizard for Microsoft FrontPage is the quickest and easiest way to add eCommerce to your business web site. Easily create payment buttons and basic shopping cart functionality for your web site.

PayPal  v.

PayPal Enjoy PayPal on-the-go with the PayPal Windows Phone app. SEND & REQUEST MONEY Whether you want to send money as a gift or pay back a loan from a friend – sending money is easy and FREE (when using a bank account or PayPal balance as

PayPal Button Creator 2012 Professional XHTML  v.1.0

Do you run an online store that uses PayPal to process payments?

PayPal Button Creator 2012 Basic FLASH  v.1.0

Do you run an online store that uses PayPal to process payments?

PayPal Payment Link Maker  v.0.5

PayPal Payment Link Maker is an easy to use application that helps you making Payment Links faster and easier.

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